Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Frenzy 프렌지

If there was ever an incredible band that needed more love, it is Frenzy. (프렌지) They are described as a post-rock/indie/shoegaze group, but without a degree in Korean it's very hard to find much information about this group. However, thanks to http://indiefulrok.blogspot.co.uk/ I have managed to find some basic information.

Frenzy is a three member band, with guitarist Jungmok, bassist Jungsik and drummer Sungmok. They have been doing gigs around Hongdae, and their aim is to create sounds that can lead to a poetic scene. And I think it is easy to say that they have successfully managed to do this. My only worry is that the interview was in 2009, where are Frenzy now? From what I have managed to found their most recent release was in 2010, with an album called 'Nein Songs', it includes:

01. 소멸하는 밤 (part.1)
02. Icarus
03. Lily
04. Bye
05. 소멸하는 밤 (part.2)
06. Apollo 11
07. The Great Panic..
08. 별주부전
09. Sundance

Unfortuantly I can't find anywhere to buy the album, but options to download are all over google. It's a pity really, bands like this really deserve the money.

Alas, the best info I can provide to you about the glorious band is the video above, just listen to their sound. They have a Myspace which features their songs here. It could do with a lot more publicity really. Their last.fm page is also lonely - only 243 listeners as of writing! Why not help bump it up?

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