Sunday, 6 May 2012


RADWIMPS is a fantastic J-indie rock band that began in 2001, and still continues to the present day. J-indie itself is a genre that can get overlooked by a lot of Japanese Rock fans, but RADWIMPS is a goldmine for great music. Their tracks vary but each have some kind of similiar 'feel' to them, most likely helped by the unique singer's voice and their deep lyrics which usually have more than one meaning to it.

As it seems to be the trend in a lot of Asian music, RADWIMPS also incorportates some English lyrics to their songs. Luckily, they do this quite well, and even include Eddie Murphy in 'Setsunarensa' below. I mean, come on. This just proves how awesome they are.

My personal favourite is probably 'Dada'. Most likely because the drums and sound is particually awesome.

 And finally, their most latest track 白日 which translates as - "Hakujitsu" which means "Broad Daylight" is a tribute to the victims of the Japanese earthquake in 2011. It is a touching song.

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